creating together  

Mike Briley: has been doing photography for 45 years with experiences ranging from passport photos to crime photography. Starting out with a pentex 35mm, hand processing to printing with long hours into the night. These experiences has helped him to what he is doing these days, making films. He has performed duties as volunteer lead photographer for 6 years at Tallgrass Film Association in Wichita Kansas. Currently he is the creator and part of the Initial Productions ICT team. Giving instruction to people who want to learn photography and film making. Offering his services to other groups and teams or individuals who seek out assistance and want him to share his passion for the craft of photography and film making, all on a frugal budget and being part of their team. Mike is currently performing duties such as director, creator, sound, camera (stills and motion), film and sound editor for his own work and working with others on their projects. Working in the programs of Adobe to bring projects to a finish. Always learning new skills to add to his table to offer to others wanting to have fun and create. Everyone has an approach to the art of photography and film making, this is MIke's, "There is no right way or wrong way everyone has an opinion and an approach to creating, its how you want to use what you learn to create your own opinion and approach as an artist to share your passion and story".

Jamie Briggeman:  
Cassie Leigh:: is a fine miniature artist and painter. She showcases her work in miniatures in light-hearted videos depicting real handmade food in miniature form. She continues to pursue opportunities in film and is on the board of directors of Initial Productions ICT. Cassie Leigh currently lives and works in Wichita, KS with her rescue dog, Loki..I believe there is an unbalance of negativity in the world, I create and share my work to bring a smile and maybe a laugh to anyone who sees it. ..  
  Dee Turner:  
    Natalia Pleshivtseva: She is a Los Angeles based creative & technical professional with more than 10 years of video and film production experience and comprehensive background in editorial and creative direction for digital production and post-production. Her experience includes commercials, promotions, narrative, documentary, stereo 3D, experimental, and web series. She is also truly passionate about photography and visual arts.